• Introducing Holo 3, transforming content into immersive interactive experiences.

    Designed for high-end events, marketing suites and retail spaces, Holo 3 is the result of a new partnership between London based innovators Beagle Media, University of Cambridge engineers and renowned designers Conran + Partners. What's new?
    • The immersive experience is enhanced as all glass and eyeline obstacles have been removed.
    • Interact with 4k quality video content, animation and CGIs. Holo animators can create bespoke immersive experiences or convert existing client content.
    • Use easy tablet touch and hand gestures to configure and design products and buildings. Existing configurators can also be transferred.
    • Talk to people anywhere in the world as if they were in front of you by live streaming conference calls.
    • Remodelled to be fast and easy to transport and install.
    • Lower purchase and hire costs, especially when ordered with an immersive content experience.

    Sir Terence Conran

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    Here is a selection of international media coverage from the last six months.
  • Beagle Holo

    Set your brand free

    Holo™ turns premium products, property developments and people into compelling 360° interactive holographic content. The protected technology combined with the minimalist Conran design makes the hologram the hero. The moving animation simply appears in the middle of a clear diamond. Now with an even sleeker design and more powerful software, Holo is the World's most advanced hologram player.
  • Beagle Holo

    Interact with your products and people

    Holo™ is the only hologram product on the market with advanced integrated hand gesture and touch screen control. Users can choose content from a menu, spin, enlarge and adapt details such as product configurations and floor plans. Each experience is bespoke. Please speak to the Holo team about what you'd like to achieve.
  • Beagle Holo

    British. Bespoke.

    This is the first time a world renowned designer has created a hologram player. Conran + Partners has integrated the protected technology within premium materials. Every Holo™ is also built in England using the finest quality materials and can be made bespoke.
  • Show it off

    Imagine showing off an entire premium product range in glorious holographic 3D, without any of the transport, insurance or security costs. Holo™ can also instantly update new collections remotely.

    Back to life

    From Einstein to Marilyn Monroe, Holo™ channels life-like 3D reincarnations. Equally suited to conjuring mission statements from a company's late Founder, there's no limit to who can be brought back to life.

    Go inside

    From demonstrating the workings of the human anatomy to the molecular structure and workings of cancer fighting drugs, Holo™ empowers a new generation of medical experts.

    Beam me up

    You can only ever be in one place at once, until now... With Holo™ you can be beamed into multiple locations to deliver keynote messages. Now you can be everywhere.

    See it real

    Holo™ can generate the real world experience for you, from master plans, rotating buildings and individual floors, right through to interiors and even detailed energy systems.

    Bring it home

    You no longer have to travel to understand an investment opportunity or manage a complex production process. Holo™ enables you to show off a range of different complex technologies via holographic animations all in one place.



    Holo™ has been created for product point of sale, promotional events, marketing suites, lobby areas and virtual training. Existing 2D content can be quickly transferred into hologram form. Content can be uploaded remotely. Holo™ can run live non stop for several months and also plugs into the mains socket, so can be used almost anywhere.
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    Rest assured

    Beagle has trained tech support teams in twenty international locations.